090f Shader Updates


Updating vehicles to the latest beta can be time consuming, but for the most part it's straight forward. A very basic job, which is what I'm doing here, is a matter of an hour or less for someone who knows what they are doing. Call this the first 90% of the visual effort - it should look fine in the latest versions, but will not be perfect because I do these quickly.

Adding light flares, projection headlights, and the other new features of the 0.9.0 final is beyond the scope of this project. If I do them, I will add them, but I mostly don't need those features to drive cars about.

I prefer to use a window shader I wrote myself; I carefully studied the way real glass should respond to make it perform more in line with reality. You need to put dyn_standard_reflect_window2_f.cg in data/renderer/shaders to use this. I'm mostly producing these for personal use and I like things a certain way.

How to Use This

  1. Obtain the original vehicle. I will include links where I know them.
  2. Check that the vehicle's actually not up to date (try running Racer).
  3. Navigate to the car's folder: racer/data/cars/(car name).
  4. Rename existing car.shd to car_nocg.shd.
  5. Download the .7z I provide.
  6. Extract the contents to the car's folder - in general this will be car.shd, may contain other textures.
  7. Open car.ini, find version=050f, or whichever old version, and change it to version=090f.
  8. Run Racer; if it doesn't work, check QLOG.txt and the RaceDepartment forum.

The same applies to tracks; replace car with track in instructions.


Porsche Carrera GT (2003)

Nissan 350Z (2003)


Factory Test Track


If you have a problem with anything being here, send an email to 'racer' at nmurdoch.ca. I don't mind removing links or pointing to a more complete update.

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