Assetto Corsa

On this page are collected things I've written about, created for, and so forth on Assetto Corsa.



Assetto Corsa supports ingame apps written in python - using a fairly limited API they can provide feedback to the player. With some work, most python 3.3 compatible libraries can be included.


The 60,000 triangle exterior model suggested by the AC developers is a big step up for me. A big problem is finding reference materials - accuracy of small details is dependent on knowing what they look like. I worked with the IER Modding Group to get these done; I led 3d art & game compatibility, while others concentrated on 2d art and game physics. Some images can be clicked for larger versions.

Editing this page again 5 years later I've had a little more practice but I'm leaving that note in place for posterity. As of 2020 I've become more efficient at creating higher poly models although since the new norm is 300,000 triangles I still tend to be on the economical side of normal.

Picture of the Corvette Daytona Prototype
2014 Chevrolet Corvette Daytona Prototype: Developed 2014-2017. Status: Complete.

Picture of the SRT Viper GT3-R
2014 SRT Viper GT3-R: In progress since 2014. Status: Abandoned.

Picture of the Reliant Robin
1975 Reliant Robin: A quick project, done for fun during the summer of 2014. I enjoy stretching the limits of what's possible in games, and putting a 3 wheeler into a game that simulates cars was an interesting problem. The pit crew doesn't really know how to handle the situation. Status: Low priority.

Picture of the Ford F350
1978 Ford F350 Stair Truck: A fun project done during spring of 2017. I wanted to repeat the process behind the Robin at a slightly higher quality level and put something unique into the game. Mission accomplished. Over the next year or so I added variants to it so in the end there's the stair truck, a flatbed, no bed, and a stock 8 foot bed.

Picture of the Dodge Monaco
1974 Dodge Monaco: A fun project done during spring of 2018. Another quick project, this time with a couple month scope, end result the vehicle from the Blues Brothers movie, and an appropriate police car to chase it.

Picture of the Russell-Alexis Mk14 Formula Ford
1967 Russell-Alexis Formula Ford Mk14: Developed 2015-2018. Status: Complete. Another full detail racecar project, made possible by the beautiful photos of

Picture of the GMC P3500 and Nissan NP35
1975 GMC Value Van P3500 and 1992 Nissan NP35 Group C Prototype: A fun project done during spring of 2019. The premise was that the NP35 was released on April 1st, but when users downloaded the file they received the P3500 with a toy NP35 sitting on the dashboard next to the driver and a note telling them to get busy with their deliveries. After a few days the pair of cars were released in a bundle so people could drive either.

Picture of the IER P13c
2013 IER P13c: Developed 2017-2019. Status: Complete. My first foray into paid mods; available for a nominal fee. This simulates a 2013 top level sport prototype.

Picture of the Crosskart
2019 Crosskart: A fun project done during summer to fall of 2019. In this case imitating a Honda bike powered crosskart just for some variety.


I dabbed my toes in the water of modeling tracks in MM2. At the time I was using ZModeler, which was inadequate for that purpose. Nowadays I use Blender, which has more tools, so I figured I would give them a try. The export process to Assetto Corsa is fairly straightforward, fortunately.

Picture of Sebring International Raceway
Sebring International Raceway: It's hard to sum up a track in a single picture. This shows the general state of the model though. Status: The racing surface itself is complete, but other groups released versions of the track so I ceased work.